Welcome to our school

The School:

The school was started on 13th June 1990 as a primary school and now it has been grown to a Higher Secondary Institution. Our Motto is Peace, Love and Wisdom with the main object of giving a quality education to the people of this locality by promoting their moral, intellectual and cultural development. Starting with 30 students and 2 staff at its budding stage now been blossomed with 900 students, a Senior Principal, a Principal, a Vice Principal and 2 Assistant Principals, 1 Office Administrator, 45 Teachers and 10 Non-teaching staff.

Standardized and strong infra-structure with a well proved expansion is an added advantage of Beta. Ventilated class rooms, Air conditioner facility, Lighting facilities, Green board usage, Comfortable seaters and Writing tables are few of its Physical Atmosphere.

  • Beta Highlights
  • Highly Qualified and Well Experienced Faculty Members.
  • Tie up With I-Discoveri at K.G and Primary Level Adopting X Seed Curriculum.
  • Computer Convocation Courses through Bharathidasan University from V std to IX Std.
  • Abacus Education From III to VI std.
  • Edu Comp Smart Class Facilities From I std to XII std.
  • Fully Air Conditioned Classrooms with CCTV Facilities.
  • Pure Drinking Hot/Cold Water Facility.
  • Well Equipped English,Maths,Science and Computer Laboratories.
  • Resourceful Libraries.
  • Extra Curricular Classes Karate, Key-Board, Carnatic-Vocal, Barathanatiyam & Yoga.
  • Abacus, Spoken English, Leadership & Personality Development Classes.
  • Safe Transportation Facility.
  • Every year Rupees Two lakhs Worth Scholarship Benefits to Meritorious Students.
  • Insurance Benefits to Students & Parents.
  • Green Board & Electronic Board Usage.
  • Visual Classes.


  • Beta Matriculation Higher Secondary School Entrance.
  • Beta Matriculation Higher Secondary School Annual Day 2012.


  • Beta Matriculation Higher Secondary School-Karate demo.
  • Beta Matriculation Higher Secondary Annual Day 2013.